Worshiping Gods can offer many benefits, from the standard maximum +20% exp bonus, to discount armor, and skills temporarily increased. A maximum of 3 Gods can be worshiped at one time, but none of your gods can be enemies.

Gods Skill Enemies
Mortos Attack God Aluwen/Elandria
Aluwen Defense Godess Mortos/Selain
Lucaa* Harvesting Godess Unolas/Glilin
Elandria Alchemy Godess Mortos/Zarin
Unolas Magic God Lucaa/Zarin
Jayden** Potion Godess Xiao
Selain Summoning God Aluwen/Glilin
Glilin Manufacturing God Lucaa/Selain
Zarin Crafting God Elandria/Unolas
Xiao* Ranging God Jayden

(*): The priest is not in the game yet so you cannot serve this god at this time.
(**): You cannot advance in worship with Jayden due to Potion of Reasoning not being in game!