Harvesting information Edit

Recommended Harvesting level: 2
Base Harvesting experience given: 5
Tools required:

  • None

Knowledge required:

  • None

Nexus required:

  • None

Other information Edit

  • Weight: 1 EMU
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Storage: Flowers
NPC's who trade this item
NPC name Location You can "Buy item" for You can "Sell item" for
Darla Darla Portland 4 0.33
Forra Forra White Stone City 4 0.33
Lavinia Lavinia Valley of the Dwarves 4 0.33
Lon Lon Lothend 4 0.33
Nan Nan Thalendale 4 0.33
Prices are measured in Gold Coins gold coins.


Seridia Edit